Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fitness Magazine Shout Out!

I was reading my Fitness magazine before bed last night, and what do I see but a shout out for P90X.  I love it!  They had a section of celebrity Tweets that were related to health and fitness.  Most of them were completely wrong, like John Mayer saying that almonds were mostly fat and suggesting they were bad for you.  Demi Moore however had a comment about how all she had done was YogaX and it kicked her ass!  I love it!  They also had commentary from experts, and the expert said that the workout is awesome and really works!  Of course though, they did mention that it's not for beginners.

Speaking of this not being for beginners, anyone else get interesting comments from people about the workouts?  I find that there are people out there who assume this must be easy or beginner because I'm doing it.  Before I started, I had a guy from school warn me not to do it because he couldn't make it through Ab Ripper X.  Ummmm, what makes you think I can't do this just because you're out of shape?  Or people who don't workout at all who say they're going to do it too and then you have to explain that this is not something you go into lightly.  That doesn't always go over well!  

Now I'm not saying that I'm this incredibly physical specimen or that I'm an amazing workout person.  I think I'm pretty normal, and I absolutely love working out, so this is something I can focus on and work through.  It's great!  I'm already getting excited for my round 2 this fall.  I'm going to get some heavier weights because mine are too light now for some of the exercises.  I think I'll really be able to focus and kick it up a notch the second time around!


  1. I eat a small portion of almonds each morning with my All Bran cereal. Delicious. Almonds do have fat, but it's the good kind. They also have good proteins too.

    Before I even knew what P90X was, a friend had told me that I would never be able to get through Chest & Back because it was just too hard. Where is the smiley that rolls its' eyes? I need that one now.

  2. You ROCK girl! I love this: "What makes you think I can't do this just because you're out of shape?"
    That should TOTALLY be written down in the P90X history books! How many people underestimate the EXTREMENESS of this program because us girls can do it. DUDE...not all girls are wimpy! If you don't believe me, let me give ya a quick "knuckles, front kick, back kick" and see what you say then!! ha ha ha
    I've missed your blog! I've been super-dooper busy and havne't had much time for reading...but I'm glad I hopped over here today for a quick read. You always energize me!
    Ps. Ever consider becoming a coach? I just decided to do it and it's so much easier than I realized! You'd be a GREAT coach!