Monday, October 12, 2009

Some Weekend Variety

I made my way out to Philadelphia this weekend to visit my best friend, so I did a little bit of a different workout. The good news is that she is really into working out and I was able to get a free two week membership to her gym (SWEAT). We went over there on Saturday morning and did some upper body lifting. It was great! I hadn't been in a gym in so long, so I haven't been able to use heavier weights. We even did some dips and pullups on the gravitron machine. I was able to do much more of my own weight than ever before! We also put in 30 min of cardio, which I did on the elliptical. Very nice variety for me! This was the overall workout, done in pairs:

Bicep Curls, Tricep Kickbacks
Pullups, Dips
Overhead Press, Side Raises
Rows, Rotator Cuffs
Lat Pulldowns, Chest Press

Hmmm.... think that was it. I was lucky enough to get to watch Tool Academy during my cardio too. Have you seen that show? What a mess!

On Sunday, the weather was beautiful so we went for a jog along the Schuylkill River. I think we were out for about 35 minutes total. The odd thing about both of these workouts is that I burned about 660 calories in each. For some reason, I burn that amount of calories a lot in my workouts. No matter how long they are even! I wonder why that is...

Today I'll get back to the Core Cardio and Balance. I did that on Friday and loved it! I start up the second half of my workouts this Thursday!

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