Wednesday, October 7, 2009

4 Weeks Down

I have finally finished my first four weeks! Woo hoo! I have lost 6 pounds in the process, which I'm loving. I can see my abs and I'm feeling the difference. This has definitely gotten me well on my way back to the weight I should be. Yay!

The food is going well too. Last night I had whole wheat pasta with tomato/basil pasta sauce and sautéed mushrooms. Mushrooms are also a super immunity boosting food, so I'm trying to eat them more often too. I was surprised by how low calorie that meal was! I definitely had to add in some calories later on. I've bought myself some dried fruit from Whole Foods that is literally just fruit, and it makes a nice addition to some cottage cheese. Oh the excitement!

I have a week of 'recovery' and then the real workouts begin. Thanks for the support!

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