Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Month 2 begins tomorrow!

I've made it through the recovery work of INSANITY, so that means the real business begins tomorrow. I've heard these workouts are tough, and they are an hour instead of being around 40 minutes. I'm really excited to try them! The recovery week workout was so nice and relaxed! And by relaxed I mean that you took a break between exercises, but you were still doing high jumps. :)

I've noticed that Shaun T is big on pulling in your core, so I've been trying to concentrate on that. Like even when I'm walking to and from school... I figure it never hurts to pull in your core and flex those muscles! Today is my final rest day but I walked about 3.5 miles with my laptop/backpack (that's my round trip for school), so I probably burned a few hundred calories. Now I'm going to relax and make sure I get a good night of rest so I'm ready to burn it tomorrow!

On the food side of things, I've been reading much more about anti-inflammatory foods and how you can improve your health with your food choices. My first food FOE that I'm going to take on is sugar. I'm not a big sugar person, to be honest, but I do use SPLENDA, which is bad, bad, bad! I'm going to try to switch over completely to agave nectar and stevia. Agave nectar has less of an impact on your blood sugar because of its chemical makeup, so it then has less chance to cause inflammation in the body. I could go into boring chemical details (I'm a chemistry nerd-type), but that's not necessary. Another benefit should be better skin as well. I've read that people who reduce sugar and refined carb intake actually improve their skin... it's all inflammation! Boo inflammation! That's the ENEMY! I'm planning to make my own berry jam with frozen fruit and agave nectar so I have a better alternative to the sugar-laden varieties they sell in the store. If I make something yummy, I'll be sure to post it on here!

Off for now but I will report how day 1 of month 2 goes... I'm pretty nervous!


  1. Half-way done already?! Wow I swear you just started!

    Great job Alissa!

  2. Hey, I can't wait to hear more about the inflammatory food thing - that's a first I've heard that term - interesting.

    Good luck on month 2!