Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today's Triumph

I'm wearing my skinny jeans! Not only am I wearing them (from 2002, and I don't care if they look old school), but they fit better than when I bought them! Woo hoo! Thank you Beachbody!

Celebrate a triumph of your own today! Maybe you got in 8 hours of sleep last night, worked out before work, or conquered the shoulder stand in yoga (like my fabulous mother and sister did last week). Whatever it is that you accomplished, celebrate it!


  1. btw..what's your current weight? I need to keep tabs so I can push myself. I can't let you get toooooo far ahead of me! ;o)

  2. GIRL..I do NOT have time to be reading blogs right now but when I saw your title, I HAD to hop over here for a QUICK SECOND and tell you how PROUD I am of you!!! You are beating me on our 15 lb challenge..darn it! :o)
    Enjoy the skinny jeans baby...I'm coming up RIGHT BEHIND you and I'll be puttin my teeny tiny daisy dukes on just in time for summer! :o)