Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Minor Injury

Oh no! I fell on my way to school in the rain wearing slippery shoes. My fault! Unfortunately it left me with a severely bruised knee, which then led to some weirdness in some of my muscles because I was compensating for the knee by using other muscles. I took a few days off, and today I ran for about 20 minutes in the morning. I'm actually going to run tonight with some friends too. We're doing what we now call the Hofbrauhaus 10K where we run 6 miles to the bar and have a beer for happy hour. Then we get rides home from friends who meet us there! Fun fun!

I know, not very weight conscious of me, but there's a reason I workout. Well, several reasons why I workout, beer being one of them. :) I'm human. Thank God!


  1. Beer makes me happy :)

    I often debate after all the training if I should walk on eggshells the weeks prior to the race haha. Bummer on the bruise, ice it!

    Typically I try not to think about getting injured and hopefully I get lucky and arrive to the race unscathed.

    One more week for you!

  2. Hope you get better. How was the run later that night?