Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting Used to the Heat

It's been a beautiful weather week in Pittsburgh! Warm, sunny, breezy... but my body is just not used to it! I went out yesterday and attempted a 5 mile tempo run at 1:30 in the afternoon. Ummm, I know better than that. It was not fun! I was super sweaty and I didn't have any water. My body is just not used to 85 degree weather! I wasn't feeling well, so I decided it was better to cut it short than to push it and make myself feel sick. I "finished" it up this morning by doing a fast 3 mile run. It was still warm (already 65 degrees at 7:30), but it felt much better!

Tomorrow I plan to do some type of strength training and then it's the big 20 miler on Saturday. OMG! I think I'll do P90X Arms... I miss my P90X workouts. I'll be happy when the marathon is over so I can get back to having a variety of workouts. I get bored too easily to run all the time!

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