Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday = Short Slow Jog

Mondays are for slow short jogs in the marathon training plan. Today was a 2 miler, and I did it at a 10:20-something pace. It felt super slow! My heart rate stayed much lower than my tougher runs, so I'm thinking I meet the goal of the easy run. It was slightly rainy but warm in Pittsburgh, and it was actually quite peaceful. When I got back I did a little core work and wrapped up with a stretch. Pretty no frills for the workout today! Tomorrow I'm going to do some weight training, and I'm thinking I'll try to find some Jackie Warner stuff On Demand. She's got some awesome workouts!

In other news, I'm done doing all responsible things for the day like homework, cleaning, taxes, etc. So now it's early and I have time to relax... and guess what graduate school has done to me! Robbed me from the ability to just sit and relax! I'm so used to doing work from morning until bedtime that I'm literally sitting here thinking, "Hmm, there's got to be something I should read or write or do right now!" I hope this feeling fades after I graduate in May...

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