Sunday, March 21, 2010

16 Miler

Yesterday was long run day, and I decided to make it 16 miles. I've had to change around my program a teeny bit because of my vacation this month and the shorter mileage I did there. The weather is absolutely gorgeous here, and I set out around noon. I planned out an 8 mile route that I was going to repeat. Let's just say this was my WORST RUN EVER!

I have a fuel belt that I usually wear that has water bottles and pocket in it so I can carry Gu. For some idiotic reason, I decided not to wear it yesterday! I thought stopping after 8 miles for water and a banana would be enough. Well, it wasn't! My first 8 miles felt great! I stopped at my apartment and had some water and the banana. I headed back out again, and at mile 12 I completely bonked. Unfortunately, I was 4 miles from home so I had to make my way back! The heat and my lack of fluids just killed me. I ended up getting all cramped in my legs and had to walk a large portion of the end of the run.

When I got home, I was feeling so awful! I had a banana and a Clif bar with some water, and after about a half hour I started to feel better. Thank God! Dehydration is not fun! I will not do that again! Today I picked up some Gatorade so I can bring that with me next time I run. This Sunday is 18 miles and there will be no craziness! LESSON LEARNED!!!

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  1. I suggest taking Endurolytes - they are a pill that you take with water, and it is quick release and givey you electrolytes as well as helping your body stay hydrated.
    Nice job getting back injury free - that's the main thing.