Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm a bad blogger!

Sorry it's been a while since I wrote... I'm still doing the personal training and loving it. I have a couple of weeks left before that runs out and I'll take a break. It's expensive, so I can't afford to do it all the time. It's been really helpful for me though... I've made some great progress! For example:

-I can now use 20 pound dumbbells when I do bicep curls.
-My running pace has improved by 20-25 seconds per mile on my mid-length runs
-I've learned so many new things!

My trainers want me to lose a little weight, and I will admit I haven't been doing well with that. It's really a couple percent body fat we're looking for. I've been traveling so much recently, so it's been hard to stick to a food plan. I really need to regroup and refocus. I don't do horribly but I don't do awesome either. I think if I could focus and shave off 300 calories a day, I could do it. I have one more business trip coming up. I think I'm going to do my best there, and then when I get back I'll really get to it.

Might need to blog to keep myself accountable! I hope everyone is doing well on their health journeys!

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