Saturday, January 8, 2011

Running in the Snow!

We had a beautiful little snowstorm in CT last night. It's maybe 6 inches of fluffy, fun snow. I actually love running in the snow, so I plan to head out with a friend and her dog later on to the trails. I won't be running too fast since I'll be concentrating on keeping myself upright, but there's not much more beautiful than a snow covered running trail. Plus, watching a dog frolic in the snow is so entertaining!

I have a couple more weeks of phase 1 in my lifting plan, and then I'll be taking it up to the next level. These workouts have been very straightforward with very simple moves. Next phase, I add in some interval training as well as some more complex lifting moves. I'll update once I get there!

Have a fantastic weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Hey there! Found your blog thru another P90x blog I follow.
    I find that following other fitness people helps keep ME motivated! Looking forward to seeing how you do this year w/ your goals!

    I'm hoping to do my first 1/2 marathon.. and a Spartan Run this year!