Monday, October 18, 2010

Crazy Contest at the Gym

I mentioned the contest at the gym in a post last week... the rules are pretty simple. You can get 15 points per day and different activities have different point levels. The points are set up in a bit of a screwy way in that 5 miles on the bike equals 6 points while 5 miles on the treadmill is the same... level of effort is definitely different! That's neither here nor there... if anything, I should admit that not everyone is a quant nerd like I am. :)

I have a team of 5 people, and two of them are older than I am... by quite a few years. So last week, these two women KICKED MY BUTT. Like, literally... they each beat me in points. Not by a crazy amount, but they beat the other two women on my team (who are younger than I am) by a TON. I decided that I was going to pull my weight and get my 15 points today.

OMG that was a lot of working out! I was there for an hour and 45 minutes! I did 5 miles on the bike to start, followed by my strength circuit, and then 3 miles on the treadmill. I'm pooped! Tomorrow I'm only going for 12 points I think. I have to workout in the morning, so I'm going to try to do 5 miles on the bike followed by a yoga class. I bet I'll need the yoga after today!

Hope everyone else started their weeks off right!

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  1. The contest at the gym sounds like a great way to push yourself each day - it's such an interesting idea. Is it a big gym that you go to or like a small gym in your community? I'm just curious how it works. Well best of luck and don't over do it just because women who are older than you out did you in points one day - they're older and have more experience! Take care!