Tuesday, September 21, 2010

home stretch...

I am in the home stretch of my half marathon training... I have to admit, I'm getting tired! The weeknight "tough runs" are getting pretty long. Last week I did 7 miles of intervals (with the warmup and cooldown) and this week I have to do 7 miles with a tempo run (with warmup and cooldown). I am seriously craving a massage! To deal with my tired muscles, I've been doing my own little yoga routine when I get back from my runs. It is soooooo nice! I really need the quad stretches and the hip openers. Perfection!

This weekend I have to do a 10 miler, which shouldn't be a problem. It will be my 4th run at 9 miles or more since I started the program. It doesn't actually have me tapering, which I think I'll change. I have 3 weeks left, and I'm thinking I'll do a long run this week, a mid-length run the following week (maybe 7???), and then it's the race. Any thoughts?

Hope everyone is doing well with their healthy journeys!


  1. What training program are you following? I did Hal Higdon's 1/2 Marathon training for beginners and it did taper down as the race approached. I really liked that program given it was my first half.

    Good luck!

  2. I forget if I answered you... :) I used Runner's World Smart Coach. It didn't want me to taper, but I did anyway!