Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yoga Month

I have about a month until I have to start training for my half marathon, so I decided to get in a little more yoga than usual. I got super lucky and actually found a good place nearby that was running a new student special. I got an unlimited month for $40! That is ABSURD!!! Unlimited yoga is usually well over $100 a month!

I took an all levels class the day I signed up... I loved it! It was so low key and the teacher was really encouraging and friendly. We did hip openers too, which is perfect for me. Given my injury during the marathon, this is something I need to work on! She said something sort of interesting about hips too... you can take it or leave it depending on what you believe. But anyway, she said that we carry a lot of stress in our hips, especially relationship stress. Hmm... So she said when we were doing our hip openers we should picture all of our relationship stress leaving bodies. Believe what you want... it felt great! I left there relaxed and content. AND I was sore for 2 days... whoa! I love it!

Tomorrow I'm going to get up early to run before work. Have a healthy happy night!


  1. Andrea always says that women carry their stress first in their hips. We do a lot of hip openers in our class as well!

  2. $40??? right on! That is totally a deal!

    Smart move getting in stretching and flexibility before you start hitting the pavement again, you will begin your training in perfect shape!

    If you try any interesting variations of yoga please share, I have been interested in doing different types of yoga aside from YogaX!