Sunday, July 19, 2009

This week and Plantar Fasciitis

As usual, this week's workouts took place in my hotel room. The big bonus was the fact that I was upgraded to a suite, so I had a ton of space! I could shuffle from side to side, jog around the room, etc. It was great! I did Kenpo X by the book on one of the days because I wanted the stress relief of punching the air! ;) I made it out for a run too, although it POURED on me after 15 minutes. I just ran inside and did some lunges, squats, pushups, etc. with jumping jacks and jump squats and stuff mixed in.

I've decided that I will be buying myself P90X+ within the next couple weeks. I'm quite excited! I have 5 weeks left of my internship and then it's back to grad school for one more year. I want to have + for my workouts during school. That starts August 24. I can't wait! The internship is a great experience, but traveling is not good for my life! I'm pretty sure I'm meant to be at home, as much as possible. I won't mind traveling for work sometimes, but I really miss cooking my own food and being home at night.

My other topic for the day is plantar fasciitis. I have an itty bitty case of it,
and I'm working on alleviating that. For those who don't know
what it is, there's tons of info out there on webmd and such websites. Essentially the arch of my left foot gets sore (I have pretty high arches). Some people get heel pain, but that hasn't happened to me just yet. I'm trying to stretch my foot and achilles and calves a lot more because that's supposed to help. I got some great new (very supportive) running shoes too, so that should help. If anyone has plantar fasciitis advice for me though, let me know! I'm doing my towel stretches, plus extra calf stretches, and calf stretches with a slightly bent knee so it focuses more on the achilles. Other than that, I'm not sure what to do except get orthotics which I'm not prepared to pay for right now!

Today's workout is going to be a long walk to the store and back. The weather is beautiful! I'll do some yoga when I get back to stretch my legs out, and that's about it! Have a wonderful week!

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  1. I came across your blog because I just recently bought P90X, and I am about to begin in a few days. You asked for advice on plantar fascitis. I feel I am an expert. I first experienced pain in 2001, got the orthotics and wore them all the time- with tennis shoes and loafers. I went an entire summer without wearing sandals and never went barefoot. I only did not wear them when I went to church or some other place where I could not wear the loafers. My pain was relieved until last Sept. I don't know what happened but nothing helped. Until I saw a PT. This is too long so I will just offer this advice. Keep doing those stretches. Also if you get one of those stretchy bands (not with the handles), but the different colored ones that are about 2 inches thick. Make a loop and put your foot in it. Let's say it is your left foot.. put the loop on it and be pulling your foot to the left, then have your foot go the other way... pulling to the inside. Then new exercise, pull your foot to the inside and make your foot go to the outside. Then pull your foot toward you as your foot pulls away toward the ground. Then pull your foot to the ground with the band and have your foot try to pull upwards. Am I making sense? Also, write the alphabet with your foot. And last, stand on a step with mainly just your toes on the step, and have your heels stretch downward. I think if you will make yourself continue to do these exercises, you may be able to avoid more problems. Also get you a shoe that is for over pronators. That is the main reason you have this problem.. it is because of the way you walk. I hope this helps.