Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nothing like a Sunday run to breathe life into you!

In so many ways, it really feels like I'm starting the next chapter in my life... and it feels great! I spent the last 3 weeks traveling for work, but I have the whole month of May to myself. I FINALLY sold my condo that I've been trying to sell off and on since 2008. Closing is this month, and I then I go on a solo vacation to St. George, Utah at the end of the month. I can't wait to hike, do yoga, and relax. I need the time to myself so I can come back refreshed and ready to move on to bigger and better things! What those are... not sure yet, but whatever it is I'm sure it'll be great!

I went to cheer on someone at the St. Luke's Half Marathon in Allentown, PA today. It was so fun!! I've never been a spectator before. Of course, during the entire race when I wasn't cheering, all I could think was "what am I doing on the sidelines?" That question could really relate to any part of life, you know? Why wait to join in on the fun? DO IT NOW!

When I got home, I couldn't pass up the positive vibes I took in from the crowd today combined with the beautiful weather we have in PA today! I ran 5.26 miles in 44-ish minutes, which was an average of 8:30 per mile. I've done faster, but I'll take it! Especially because I haven't been running as consistently as I should. I've got the hat trick in October, and the time to start training is now!

Speaking of doing things now and not waiting, I went mountain biking for the first time this month... what have I been waiting for?? This picture is me at the top of a big hill (at over 8000 ft above sea level no less)!

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