Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I'm Up To Now

I haven't been around in a loooong time... well I've been around reading blogs, but haven't written. I previously wrote about running without a purpose, and my sister was nice enough to send me a book to give me some new purpose! It's called The New Rules for Lifting for Women by Lou Schuler. It has ~6 months worth of progressively more difficult lifting workouts that you do 3 times per week. I just started on phase 1 and I love it! It has me eating 2100 calories a day (it actually wants me to eat more to maintain, but I cut a few hundred for "weight loss.") Phase 1 includes leg exercises like squats and deadlifts, shoulder presses, lat pulldowns, some abs... it's a good workout and it gives me plenty of time for running!

Before I move onto running, I have to say I'm super excited that my sister sent me this book. For one, it's a great book and I love the workouts. Two, she has really gotten into working out this year and is getting healthy, and I'm so excited that she's doing so well. I view the fact that she'd send me a workout book as a true change for the healthier side of life!

As for running, I'm doing really well! My average pace is getting quicker and quicker. I ran 3.3 miles in 26 minutes over the weekend, and I felt great! I'm pretty sure my jog pace is now 9 minutes per mile, so I can pick it up in the 8 min mile range pretty well. I signed up for a 5K this weekend and I can't wait to see how I do. It's been a while since I did that distance so I'm going to go out and push it. I signed up as an Athena as well, which means I'm in the category of women who weigh over 150 pounds. I weigh slightly more than 150 so I will take it! Last year's Athena finished in 26 minutes... hmm, I wonder if there will be other fast Athenas out there! I'll report and let you know how I did!

Have a healthy rest of your week!


  1. How does the book your sister gave you compare to P90X? I'm looking to try something new and maybe I could give this book a try.

  2. Hey! I'll post an update. So far I like it, but I think phase 1 is a little low on intensity. It looks like it gets tougher as time goes on though. Perhaps okay too since it's busy with the holidays!