Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Real life begins...

I am not officially done with P90X, and I'm trying to figure out what's next! This week is my first week of my summer internship, and I'm in Chicago for training. This one will be tough! We're going to be working really long days, so I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing. Last night, we went indoor rockclimbing for team building. Let me just say, goooooooooo P90X! Part of me was afraid of heights, so I only went a few stories up. I did however have no issue getting myself up the wall. AND, I'm not sore today! Most people tend to grip too hard with their hands and they get really sore forearms. You're supposed to use your legs as much as possible though because it is much easier to climb that way. I actually used my triceps some! Like I literally grabbed a hold of part of the wall and pushed myself up with my triceps. I was definitely proud of my increased strength!

Tonight we're going bowling, which is not really a workout. I'm going to try to do something in my room tomorrow combining some plyo stuff with some pushups, crunches, etc. The bad thing about the week is that I am being given food, so I have to choose wisely. I did have pizza yesterday, but for the rest of the meals I did fine. Some yogurt and fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, etc. We'll see what today brings!

Ummmm, can I say again that I'm excited for Shaun T's Insanity?!?!?

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  1. I think I posted this before, but I don't care-you are awesome! Congrats on finishing and having great results, and proving it on that rock wall! I am BEYOND excited for Insanity, and P90X+ is another great one because the workouts are much shorter, but crazy intense (42 min), and it's cheaper too. You get to mix the old P90X with the + and it really is nice, but I can't wait to kick up the cardio notch with Insanity. I had a friend try it in NY when Shaun was on "tour" with it, and the first thing he does is pull out this giant metal can and puts it in the front and yells, "if you need to throw up, this is where you do it!" HA! Love it, in a crazy sadistic way! LOL